Yuba Flip Flop - 2016/2017

Yuba Flip Flop
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Get your favorite youngster rolling on two wheels with Yuba's Flip Flop. This versatile balance bike starts kids as young as 15 months old in the ways of the two-wheeler, teaching them how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels, and allowing them to scoot along with their feet securely on the ground. And thanks to its "flippable" frame, the Flip Flop grows with them through six years of age. The lightweight aluminum frame is more adjustable than any other balance bike and boasts the longest life of use, so your little one can fall in love with cycling earlier, and stay on two wheels longer. It even includes a built-in rear rack plus options for saddlebags and a front basket (each sold separately).


Yuba Flip Flop

Part Numbers

Option MPN
Lime (Green) FF-001
Raspberry FF-003
Aqua FF-002